Chosse the offer that fits best for you

Pay mothly or per year


3 active events
3.000 contacts
1 account
89 EUR/month
890 EUR per year
15 active events
15.000 contacts
3 accounts
169 EUR/month
1690 EUR per year
50 active events
50.000 contacts
10 accounts
499 EUR/month
4990 EUR per year
Active Events: all active concurrent events. You can close an event, it will then no longer be counted.
Contacts: all contacts that you manage with yve. This includes all invited or registered guests.
Accounts: You can spread the limits over the specified number of accounts. An account has independent events and contacts.
One single event can not have more than 10.000 invited participants.
All prices are excl. VAT.

E-Mail support is included:

Response time max. 8 hours in the period Mon-Fri 9-17 CET
Max. 5 requests or 30 minutes per month, each additional support is charged at EUR 99 per hour.
Only for registered users (no participants)

yve training

We train you (max. 20 people) online via webinar.
We will explain yve functions to you and help you with the setup.
EUR 99 per hour