User manual

Data protection processes

You need to set up processes that allow you to safeguard all rights of those affected.
These are as follows:
Duty to provide information (privacy policy)
To do this, insert your privacy policy as text or link to the event website and questionnaire.
Obtain consent for data processing
In yve you can choose the option 'Show terms' in the questionnaire (see above).
Provide information about the data processing
This is described in the privacy policy, and is visible in the participant's profile (only with Navbar turned on). The person concerned can directly contact you with a question. You can filter the master data via 'Contacts' and create a 'Contact Details' report. You can view the events for the contact via the 'Contacts Events' report and then view the participant's data in the events via the respective participant detail reports. Check in logs can be seen under 'Check in reports', email logs under 'Email History', print logs under 'Print History'.
Correct the data by those affected
The affected person can correct his profile himself (only with Navbar switched on) and you can change his data via 'Contacts'.
Delete the data
We do not have an automatic feature built-in because you have to decide whether to erase the data or if there are more important reasons than consent (see above) to keep the data. The person concerned can contact you directly. You can then delete his data via, Contacts -> <Name of contact> '.
If you want to delete all participant data in yve, you can do this with a delete import (see user manual). Additionally, events have attendee logs that can be deleted if you delete the event. If you copy the event before deleting it, the setup will remain in the copy without participant data.
yve creates a complete backup of the database every 3 hours, these backups are stored for 30 days. After that, these backups will be automatically deleted. yve creates a backup of all uploaded images and documents once a day. After 7 days, these backups are automatically deleted.
Restrict the processing of the data
You can put an 'unsubscribe' link in your emails with the merge tag 'Contact unsubscribe' in yve. If this link is clicked, the browser opens and a confirmation is requested. If the confirmation button is clicked, yve automatically blocks the email address of the affected contact, so that you can no longer send active emails to him. Caution: Only this contact will be blocked, if another contact has the same email it will not be blocked on the other contact.
Under 'Event -> Websites -> unsubscribe newsletter' you can change the text for the confirmation and the page afterwards. You can change the confirmation button under 'Event -> Websites -> Button Text & Color'.
You can also set or cancel this block manually via, Contacts -> <Name of contact> -> Email -> Unsubscribed at '.
Data portability
You can find the contact under Contacts and create an Excel report with its data via 'Contacts -> Reports'.
Accept cancellation of consent to data processing
In yve you can choose the option 'Show consent form' in the questionnaire (see above). The affected person can withhold consent by deselecting the checkbox. The person concerned can also contact you directly and make the change under 'Event -> Participants -> Questionnaire'.
Within the framework of the GDPR further measures, such as create a list of processing activities, commit employees to data protection and, if necessary, appoint a data protection officer. We have here limited to the essential measures for the use of yve, our list and example makes no claim to completeness and is without guarantee. If necessary, please contact your data protection officer if you have ordered one or the responsible supervisory authority or your national data protection officer in order to coordinate your data protection procedure.