User manual

Email templates

Edit email text
You can set the following e-mails in yve, the name serves as a hint, they can fill these templates with content as they wish and send them whenever they want:
  • Save the date:  before the event, to block the date with the participant
  • Invitation: the actual invitation email. Should contain the registration button
  • Reminder: to all participants with the status 'not answered', also here with registration button
  • Final Details: shortly before the event with the answers to the questions and details on how to get there, etc.
  • Thanks: after the event, possibly with a new survey as feedback
As an account holder, you are responsible for the content of your emails. Caution: remember to provide the legally required information for your imprint, data protection and any general terms and conditions in your emails.
Texts for automatic emails
Automatic emails are sent by yve when the participant has performed certain activities:
  • Confirmation Accept: is automatically sent to participants when they have accepted. Should contain the answers.
  • Confirmation Decline: will be automatically sent to participants when they have declined.
  • Confirmation Registration: will be automatically sent to participants if they have registered with a public registration.
  • Verification: the participant has been checked with 'verify participant'
  • Delegation: the participant has delegated another participant
  • Send login: the participant clicked on the 'Send login link by email' button. Should contain the login link.
You can also set the sales contact 1 and / or 2 automatic BCC with the confirmation emails with 'Event Dashboard -> Registration -> Confirmation Emails bcc sales contact(s)'.
Email attachments
You can add attachments to the emails. You can change the content under 'Event-> Emails-> Attachments':
  • RSVP: pdf document as invitation, e.g. with QR code or login data for registration.
  • Ticket: pdf document as admission ticket. With QR code
  • Wallet: Wallet ticket for admission. If the participant's smartphone can read wallet tickets in passbook format .pkpass (e.g. apple iphone), a ticket is automatically added to the participant's wallet, which can be scanned for check in. Caution: Android phones can only read the passbook format if an app has been installed for it beforehand. You can set the colors for the font, heading and background. The logo is displayed in the top left, the dimensions should be at least 360px wide and 100px high. The banner is displayed below across the entire width, the dimensions should be at least 750px wide and 196px high. Data for date, time, event title, participant and location name + address are filled in from the event.
  • Calendar invitation: ics file as calendar entry,e.g. as an attachment for the Save the Date. Caution: The date in the calendar entry is not tied to the event date.