User manual

Merge Tags

Variable content with placeholders (Merge Tags)
You can insert variable content with placeholders (we call them merge tags). You will then see the placeholder in the editor with | * yve _.... * | by presseing the Button 'Merge Tag' in the Editor. Which is then automatically updated by yve with the individual contents, e.g. salutation is replaced. The following merge tags are available for the event website:
  • Button Response: sets the login button to this place. The login button opens the questionnaire.
  • Button Community: sets a button with a link to the event community.
  • Button Event: sets a button that leads to the event website.
  • Button Nominees: sets a button, which generates an Excel list of all nominated persons.
  • Button Open Registration: Sets a button that opens the public registration for the event.
  • Button Profile: Sets a button that leads to the participant's profile
  • Survey Responses: places the questions and answers of the participant at this point.
  • Greetings: sets the individual salutation to this place as defined under Salutation.
  • Logout link: sets a link with which the participant can log out
  • Contact Familyname: sets the surname of the participant
  • Contact Firstname: sets the first name of the participant
  • Contact Title: sets the participant's title
  • Contact Company: sets the company of the participant
  • Contact Position: sets the position of the participant
  • Contact Country: sets the country of the participant
  • Contact Email: sets the participant's email
  • Companions: sets the number of companions
  • Companion Names: sets the names of all companions
  • Sales Contact: sets the sales manager of the participant
  • Contact Field 1-6: sets the content of the respective user-defined contact data field 
  • Contact invitation ID: sets the invitation ID
  • Contact unsubscribe: sets an Unsubscribe Link (see chapter on GDPR)
  • Event Title: sets the title of the event
  • Event Description: sets the description of the event
  • Event Location Name: sets the name of the venue
  • Event Location Address: sets the address of the venue
  • Event Start Date: sets the start date of the event
  • Event End Date: sets the end date
  • Event Start Time: sets the start time of the event
  • Event End Time: sets the end time of the event
  • Event imprint: the event imprint
  • Event Video 1-5: sets Youtube Video 1-5 (enter ID in Websites->Youtube Videos, first ID is autoplay). Put Merge Tag in a table to adjust the size of the video.
  • Account Company: sets the company of this account
  • Account Logo: puts the account's logo to this place
  • Todays Date: seta todays date
  • Google Maps: You can set an interactive Google Maps with up to 5 marker. The adresses of the places for the marker and the zoom level can be entered at 'Websites -> Google Maps'. For the zoom, 0 is completely zoomed out and 20 is completely zoomed in.