User manual


Salutation and display name
On the event website and in the emails, you can have a personalized salutation and the name of the participant displayed.
In the general salutation yve, the contact detail field 'Gender' decides which form of salutation is selected: female, male or unknown. For these three variants, you must specify the appropriate text in  ‚Event->Websites->Salutation‘ .

Under individual salutation you can set whether this general salutation should be overwritten individually. yve then checks for each participant, whether in the contact details for him the field 'salutation' is filled in. If yes, this is used, otherwise the general salutation is used. You can decide whether or not to add the name as selected in the individual salutation.
Finally, you decide which name parts are displayed after the title: first name and / or title. Yve then automatically adds a comma to the end.