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Add questions

Add questions
You have the following options to expand your survey:
  • Contact Data    
    • You can select which contact data of the participants are displayed and, if necessary, if it can be changed, including defining mandatory fields. You can change the label of the contact fields. Caution:  First and surname should not be editable. You can add a delegation instead (see below)
  • Question on participation
    • Querying / not polling: You can switch the question of participation off and on. Usually, this option remains enabled. Caution: when you turn off the option, you will no longer be asked to participate, which means that all your ads and reports will show your attendees as 'Open'. This option is only useful if you do not wish to manage the attendance, e.g. to start a survey.
    • Request nomination: each participant is given the opportunity to nominate participants. To do this, the participant can add a new contact or select one from the list of his or her already nominated contacts. You can view the list of all nominated participants via the report 'Participant Report -> Nominations'. Nominees will not be automatically invited to the nomination event, if you wish, you would need to create a second event and invite all nominees. Caution: please do not confuse the nomination with the possibility of bringing along a companion (this is set at 'Registration').
    • Delegation: if a participant answers with 'no', he can instead name another person by name and email, which is invited instead of him. yve will automatically send the email 'Delegate invitation' if this option is enabled.
  • Self defined question
    • Text field (one line): a simple text field, use this option if the answer is only 1-2 words long.
    • Text area (three lines, expandable): a text area, use this option for longer responses and sentences (e.g., 'have a message for us' ...)
    • Number field (integer): the answer must be an integer.
    • Date: the answer must be a date selected with the calendar. For birthdays, you should select display type 'Choose year first'.
    • Time: the answer must be a time in the format HH: MM.
    • Select field (radio button): inserts a predefined selection. You can add as many options as you like.
    • Checkbox: inserts a field in which you can set a checkmark for 'yes'
    • Image: inserts a question to upload an image. The image is automatically displayed with 'Survey Resuls' and can be downloaded in the participant report via a hyperlink.
    • File: inserts a question to upload a file. The file is automatically displayed with 'Survey Resuls' and can be downloaded in the participant report via a hyperlink.
    • Text area without question: you can insert a text with images
Important: Please do not ask for credit card information. This information may not be stored in yve, as this requires special PCI certification. 
Important: If you request particularly sensitive information in accordance with Art. 35 GDPR, a data protection impact assessment is necessary. According to Art. 35 GDPR, data that is particularly worthy of protection are data that are likely to result in a high risk for the rights and freedoms of natural persons due to the nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of the processing. Please contact your data protection officer.