Conditional questions

You can also only display a question under certain conditions:
  • You can set 'Show only on question' for each question, which will only be visible if a specific checkbox question has been ticked
  • For each question, you can specify that the question is only visible to a specific contact label. If you select a label, the question is displayed only for contacts with this label.
  • If the participation is answered with 'no', all questions are automatically hidden and the answers are deleted. If you want to display the question instead of "no", you can show it with 'Display if participant has declined'.
If the visibility of a question has been changed, this question is highlighted in the questionnaire editor with a gray background and gets the 'eye' symbol.
If a question is a required field, it will only be checked if the question is visible.
If a question becomes invisible, its value is automatically reset in the database when the questionnaire is sent.