User manual

Conditional questions

You can also only display a question under certain conditions:
  • Show only on participation: You can display a question depending on how the question of participation is answered:
    • Question visible at Open and Accept. Invisible on decline: this is the default setting. When someone declines, the question becomes invisible and is reset
    • Question visible at Open, Accept and Declined: the question is always visible
    • Question visible at Accept. Question invisible at open and decline: is used if additional information is required in the case of a confirmation, which should not be seen before in the case of Open
    • Question visible at Declined. Question invisible at Open and Accept: is e.g. used if the reason for the decline is to be queried, but this should not be visible on acceptance.
  • Show only question: For each question, you can specify that it is only visible when a particular question has been answered:
    • Checkbox: the tick of the master question has been set
    • Radio Button / Dropdown: A specific selection was made at the Master question
  • Show only for label: For each question, you can specify that the question is only visible for a specific label. If you select an label, the question is displayed only for contacts with this label.
If the visibility of a question has been changed, this question is highlighted in the questionnaire editor with a gray background and gets the 'eye' symbol.
If a question is a required field, it will only be checked if the question is visible. For core data questions, the old value is retained.
If a question becomes invisible, its value is automatically reset in the database when the questionnaire is sent.