User manual


Companions are additional persons who can be assigned to a participant. A companion is not created as a contact, but only available for an event as additional information for a participant.
The maximum number of accompanying persons determines how many accompanying persons they want to allow at most. You can define an individual maximum number of companions under 'Event-> Participants' -> Action-> Change Response'. You can also import these values ​​if you add a column 'companions_max' with the respective values. The import has to be done via 'Event-> Participants-> Assign Participant-> Import List' because this value event is specific.
As soon as the value for max. If the number of companions is greater than zero, the number of companions is queried on the question of participation.
You can determine whether the names of the accompanying persons are also queried and whether the name is a mandatory field. You can decide whether accompanying persons are counted when the check is carried out against the maximum number of participants.
You can choose whether to create individual pdf tickets for companions or a collect ticket.wallet tickets are always collect tickets.
You can specify whether name tags should also be printed for companions.