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Edit questions

Edit questions
Each question has, of course, its own question-text, which can be given in German and / or English. The description is displayed below the question and is for explanation (can be omitted). The title is used to define the column name for the evaluation. Caution: If you change a question, this question is also changed for existing answers. When you delete a question, all answers to that question are deleted.
Each question can have a given total limit. If this is reached, you receive a warning e-mail so that you can take action if necessary. As soon as the first participant exceeds the quota, the participant will be informed that the selection is no longer possible. You will also receive an email with the participant data.
The default value for the answer is given as an answer the first time the questionnaire is opened. This can be changed by the participant. This is useful if they know that most of the participants will choose an answer. For a selection field, the preset value must be one of the possible choices.
Special features for selection questions (radio button / dropdown)
If you have questions (radio button / dropdown), you can add the options for the selection with 'Add option'. The orientation of the options is set (one by one or side by side or dropdown or table grid), and you can specify a quota for each option. You can display the number that is still available with 'Show availbale (if limit is set)'. Caution: If you change the text for options after participants have already answered, their answer will be changed. If you delete options, the responses from participants who selected this option are also deleted.