Contact data

Contacts in yve
Participants always have to be contacts first. You can assign participants for events from the existing contacts. In contacts, there can also be suppliers, locations, employees, etc. Under 'Contacts' you will see all available contacts. You can create a new contact or copy an existing contact with 'Contacts -> New'.
Contact data
yve has 50 fixed conct data fields that you can use to describe a contact. These fields contain the address, language, birthday, gender, and fields with which you can map your sales process (e.g., sales contact, sales level, ...).
In addition to the pre-defined fields, you can also use 6 freely definable fields. You can define the names for these fields as administrator  under 'Account -> Own fields'.
Each contact receives a machine-generated password and a security token upon creation. You can change the password under 'Contact -> Password' and regenerate the token. Attention: if you regenerate the token, the previously created email invitation buttons and tickets of this contact become invalid.

Find contacts
The 'Search' field searches for the terms you enter via all contact fields. You can combine several search terms by entering them separated by spaces. Required fields such as categories or gender must be entered with English terms (customer, participant, ...). Thus, e.g. 'customer meier' all customers who are called Meier.
Copy contacts
You can copy an existing contact. All fields are copied, the surname gets the suffix "COPY". Please check the name, email and login name. The password for the contact will be automatically regenerated.