User manual

Assign contacts to an event

Assign participants to an event
Now you can assign your contacts to an event: 'Event Dashboard -> Participants -> Assign participant', the following options are available:
  • All contacts: assigns all contacts to the event. If you only perform one event and all your contacts are only attendees, this is the easiest way
  • By label: select one of the existing labels and yve assigns all contacts that have this label to the event
  • Individual: select a single person from your contacts. This is usually the most practical way for latecomers.
  • List: You can upload a list in yve that contains all yve contacts to be associated with this event. You will hardly need this option since the same functionality with identifiers is possible and easier to manage.
Yve checks whether a contact is already a participant and thus prevents doubles. A contact can thus occur in several labels without generating doubles. The contacts are assigned in the background, you receive an email on completion.
Filter participants by invitation status
In the Event Dashboard -> Participants view, you can see all attendees of your event with the registration status. You can display participants with a specific registration status by clicking on 'Filter'.
Perform actions on participants
By selecting 'Event Dashboard -> Participants -> Actions', you can assign a label to participants with a specific registration status (for example, all participants who have accepted). This allows you to easily select them, e.g. if you want to invite them to another event.
You can close or open the registration for participants of a specific label by clicking on 'Close/open registration for participants'. If you assign a participant to the event, the status is automatically 'open'. If you close the registration for participants of a label, the 'registration closed' website is displayed instead of the event web page for these participants, all other participants can still access the event website and register.
You can also perform actions on a single participant by clicking 'Action' under 'Event Dashboard -> Participants' in the row of the participant.
Delete participants or contacts
You can delete a participant by clicking on the 'x' at the end of the line with the name of the participant in 'Event Dashboard -> Participants'. Caution: this does not delete the contact, only the contact is no longer assigned to this event. If you want to delete a contact completely, you can do this via 'Contacts -> Subscriber name -> Contact details -> Delete'.