Preparation for the check in

Check in with tickets
In order to be able to check in with tickets, you must have previously sent a ticket with QR code to your participants (see article 'Create Emails').
Technical requirements
Yve does not need a hardware scanner, you can scan the tickets with your smartphone or tablet. For the check in you need a QR Code Scanner app on your smartphone (iphone, android, ...) or tablet (ipad, android, ...), which recognizes a URL and can open it automatically in the QR Code Scanner app. The QR Code scanner must be able to store cookies (do not use private mode). We recommend, for example, the free app 'QR Scanner - Fast Scan' by Sabrina Holzer. In this app you can set under 'Settings - Ask before URL is opened' that a URL is opened immediately. The QR scanner will automatically open Safari, you can go back to the scanner by clicking on 'QR Scanner...' in the top left.
They also need an existing Internet connection. Caution: at large events, your local cell phone distribution cell may become overloaded when all participants start using their mobile phone.
User roles for the check in
All users roles can do the check in. We recommend you give the role 'Check in' for a user that does the check in, then this user can only be in the check in area of ​​yve - the administration pages are blocked. This is especially useful when people are performing the check in who should not have access to the administration area.
Preparation for the check in
The following steps are necessary for you to start with the inlet:
  • Set the registration status to the 'Check In' under 'Event Dashboard -> Registration'.
  • The registration is closed, if 'Event-> Registration' the check mark 'Allow registration and responses during check in' is set
  • Then click on 'Event Dashboard -> Check in'  to go to the check in page.
  • There you will find an administration QR code, which you can read in and then log on with your user data.
  • This turns the smartphone on for chack in for 4 hours, and you get the Check In Screen when reading the Ticket QR Codes. Caution: you are not allowed to close the browser, otherwise your admin code will be deleted.