User manual

Check in tips

  • Expect that 10-30% of participants do not have to bring a ticket
  • Print administrations QR code for quick access
  • Print your participant list on paper as a backup, if the Internet is not working
  • Avoid printing on the spot, this may take too long and the printer may fail
  • Print badges before check in, if necessary in envelopes with names above links, then in card boxes with name register
  • Keep the check in short, no longer than 10-20 seconds. Otherwise you have queues at big events
  • Use multiple check-in stations, one station can process between 50-200 persons for an event depending on the check-in duration (10-20 seconds) and the time window for check-in (15-30 minutes)
  • Ensure a stable infrastructure with WLAN, the telephone can be quickly overloaded at large events
  • Do not forget to press '+' after scanning the ticket, then the participant is checked in
  • If possible, set up a hospitality desk with a desktop or laptop in order to be able to handle all special cases more easily (for example, the participant has canceled and wants to participate anyway)