User manual

Event community

What is a community?
A community is a message board on which your event participants can post contributions. The community is a closed company - only participants of your event can participate in the event community and see the contributions. A post may include text, photos, files, or even surveys. All participants can comment on contributions, set them as 'likes' and vote.
Create the event community as an administrator
Each event automatically receives an event community, but it is not activated yet. If you do not want a community, leave this status just as it is. To activate the community, click on 'Event Dashboard -> Community' - and set the status to 'open'. Now all participants have access to the community. Titles set the title of the community.
Click on the 'Manage Community' button to go to the community section of the community. You can not post as an administrator, but you can delete any post. If you want to post your own contributions, you must create a participant.
Finally, you can change the background of the community with 'Event Dashboard -> Community -> Background'.
Benefits of the community as a participant
To join the Event Community, you can use the sidebar in the 'My Communities' area, or if you have added the community button to the event web page with the Merge Tag. The community is only displayed if its status is 'open'. Use 'New Post' to create a new post. Each contribution can have a photo or a file attached. Yve automatically sorts all photos, files, and surveys into the appropriate tab, so that they can Instantly see all the photos at a glance.
Under 'Members' you can see all community members. If they have activated the opt-in in the registration, they only see participants who have approved a listing. However, all event participants can always access the community and create contributions, even if they are not displayed by the Opt In.
Start an online survey
With 'New Survey', each participant can start a new survey among the participants of the event. :
  • Status: open or close the survey. A closed survey is displayed but can not be changed.
  • Show results: put the checkmark to display the results of the survey.
  • Show ranking: show the placement (1st place is the highest)
  • Maximum number of points: the number of points that can be assigned to all survey fields.
  • Survey field 1-20: the content of your survey. For example, different projects to be evaluated.

Once the survey is open, each participant can assign 1-10 points for each survey field, but not more than the maximum number of points.
Tips for the perfect community
  • You must give the participants a reason to go to the community and participate.
  • Manage your community. Read the contributions, delete them if necessary
  • You can also leave a community as long as the associated event is still open. This is how you achieve continuity.