User manual

Event websites in yve

What are the event websites?
Each event has its own websites where you can display all the information about the event and participants can register:
  • Public Registration: This page can be activated if you want to attract new participants
  • Event Website: Here you can find information about your event and the button for the questionnaire
  • Questionnaire: Contains the survey to the participants, contact data and freely definable questions
  • Registration Thank you: Showne after the public registration at the type 'Email' after registration
  • Event closed: page will be displayed when you close the registration
  • Approved and Canceled page: Page is displayed after the participant has confirmed or canceled
  • Login Page: Page is displayed when you call to log in or when a participant logs off. This page is account wide and can be customized by administrators under 'Account'.
You can change the contents by clicking on the name of the page, via active / inactive change the activation status and on the To Do status you can set the corresponding To Do to done.
Under 'Event -> Registration -> Starting Page Registration', you can specify whether the event website is displayed after clicking the response button or directly the questionnaire.
Set website content
The event website has a predefined structure, you can edit the contents of each element:
  • Header: The header area is always displayed on all tabs. This is usually the title of the event or the banner of your event
  • Tab: You can display 0-7 Tabs below the header. A tab is displayed as soon as it has a content. If you do not want to display a tab, simply delete its contents.
As an account holder, you are responsible for the content of your event website. Caution: remember to submit the legally required data for your imprint, data protection and any general conditions to your event website and public page.