User manual

Create email campaign

Create email
To create an email, click on 'Event Dashboard -> Emails -> Create Email Caampaign'. Enter a title for the campaign as an internal label (e.g., 'First Wave Invitations') and select the email type.
Mail recipient
Now you see the preview for the email with all sender information, etc. At the bottom you see the selected recipient. To add recipients, click on 'Add Recipients' and select one of the following filters:
  • All: all participants of the event
  • Email status (no, save the date, invitation, reminder, final thank you): Participants who have a specific email status (for example, if they want to send an invitation to everyone who has already received a save the date)
  • Participation status (not answered, accepted, declined, checked in, canceled, verified, pending verification): Participants with a specific response (for example, if they want to send a reminder to all who have not yet replied)
  • Identifier: select individual participants who have a specific identifier
  • Individual: select a participant

You can also delete individual participants from the recipient list with 'x'. You can also apply several filters one after the other, all filters add the participants with the appropriate conditions, the filters are not applied simultaneously.
Send email
Once you have assigned all recipients, you can send them by sending them. You will be asked again if the total number is correct, afterwards the campaaign will be carried out in the background.
Alternatively, you can also specify a 'Schedule' when the email is to be sent. At that time, the list of recipients currently in the campaign will be used. Important: Filters like 'Not responded' are not applied again at the scheduled time, the list of recipients is not updated.
Yve sends individual emails with a speed of approx. 2 emails per second. That means that a campaign to 1000 participants can take 25 minutes.