User manual

Check in participants

Scan Tickets
If you read the ticket QR code without being logged on as an administrator, the event website for the participant opens. This can also be done by the participant and facilitates access to the event website. Only when you activate your smartphone to the check in, the dialog to check in is displayed when you scan the ticket.
To check in the participant, you scan his ticket. They then see his status (announced, canceled, open) and see his name. If the participant has announced, they will see a '+' next to his name. Press the '+' and the participant is checked in, which they can see in the upper left of the black number and the 'Ok' next to his name.
Alternatively, you can search the participant by name, then click on 'check-in' and do a manual check-in.
If you tick the checkbox for 'Instant Checkin at TicketScan' under 'Event Dashboard - Registration', a participant and his / her companion will be checked in immediately when you scan his ticket and he / she has announced.

You can also check it out by clicking on the 'x' next to its name.

Check-in log:
Every check-in and check-out process for participants and companions is logged with the time and contact details in the chek-in report.
Caution: the check in can only be checked in if the participant has the status 'Approved'. Open or canceled can not be checked in. To do this, you must log into the event as an administrator and change the status under Participants. Here you can also check in. Usually this is done at a separate hospitality desk with a laptop. You can also set a check 'Allow check-in of participants that have not accepted' in 'Event Dashboard -> Registration', then you can also check in tickets of participant who did not accept.
With 'Show walk-in counter for entry' you can display an entry counter that you can use to check in participants who are not listed as a contact. Only the number of admissions will be increased.
With 'Show questionnaire results upon entry' you can display the questionnaire with the participant's answers after scanning under the participant's name.
With 'Allow registration and responses during entry', participants can continue to accept if registration has been set from 'Check In'.

Assign seating and VIP status
If you also need a seating assignment for the check in, you can create it for each participant by clicking on the black entry number for the participant and entering the table as an entry comment. This comment is displayed when scanning the ticket below the names. You can also assign the entry comment field via Participants -> Upload List when you fill in the 'checkin_comment' column. The entry comment field may be used for each comment, e.g. To mark a participant as a VIP.
You can show the results of the questionnaire on check in by selecting the check mark under 'Event-> Registration' 'Show survey results at check in'.
Forgotten ticket
If a participant has not been able to print his ticket or open it on a smartphone, they can search for it on the Check In page and manually check in by clicking on the black '0 + 0' and then checking in with the '+'.
Create nametags
You can create a name tag for each participant by designing the text at: 'Event Dashboard-> Printing -> Name Tag'.
When you have finished the template, you can select the participants under Print Create and the name tags can be sent as a pdf file. You can choose whether 1 name plate is printed per page or 10.