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Evaluation of the reports

Evaluation of the reports
The detail report contains all the data you need for an evaluation. These include
  • Master data: the most important contact master data (name, email, company, ...) including identifiers are included
  • IDs: the yve_id, invitation_id, customer_number are included
  • Status: the most important states are included (responded at, email status (bounces), delegated, checked in, ...)
  • Companions: all fields to the escorts are included
  • Time stamp: the most important times are included, all time stamps are in UTC (universal time):
    • contact created at - is set when the contact is created
    • invitation created at - will be set if a registration / invitation for the contact for this event has been created
    • responded at - every time the participant submits the questionnaire
    • updated at - is set by any update (also email status and activities of the administrator)
    • canceled at - becomes law if a commitment is made to cancel
    • delegated at - is set when a participant delegates
    • checked in at - is set in at the first check in
    • checked in out - is set in at the first check out
  • Login data: the login data of the participants
  • Answers: the participants' answers to all questions