User manual


Under 'Event Dashboard -> Edit Registration -> Waiting List Type' you can activate a waiting list. If the registration deadline is exceeded or the maximum number of participants has been exceeded, the field 'waitlisted_at' with the current date will be set for the participant and the participant will see the website 'Waiting list'. You can customize this website under 'Event-> Websites-> Waiting list'.
In his questionnaire, all answers will be deleted.
Caution: The waiting list is only valid for participation in the event, limits for questions can not have a waiting list.
Under 'Event-> Participants' you can set a filter for participants with a waiting list, you can also use this status as an option when sending an email. In the detail report is also a column with 'waitlisted at' added '.
The waiting list is for information purposes only, no automatic follow-up is performed. You decide if you want to address the participants on the waiting list. For this, you set the registration deadline or maximum number of participants high and send this participant a request to sign up.