Preview event website

How can you preview?
You will see a preview of the website under 'Event Dashboard -> Websites' and a preview of the emails under 'Event Dashboard -> Emails -> Create Email Delivery'. This preview is intended for quick check, but you have to test all steps yourself, so you can get the full view. To do so, simply click on 'Event Dashboard -> Websites -> Preview'.
Create a test participant
If you click on 'Event Dashboard -> Websites -> Preview', you will see all existing test contacts. If you have not already created one, you can simply do it here.
Alternatively, you can create a contact for testing under 'Contacts -> New' and set the 'Test Contact' flag to 'Yes'. You should choose the name so that you can filter it easily (for example, Hans Mustermann), but the email address should be one that you can easily access - your own. You then assign this event to 'Event Dashboard -> Participants -> Assign Participants -> Individual' to your event.
For public registrations, you do not need to create a test participant before. Just start by registering the test participant on the public page and follow all the steps.
Register as a participant
If you click on 'Event Dashboard -> Website -> Preview' and then click on the '+' behind your existing test contact or a new one you will automatically be registered as this test contact.
Alternatively, you can register as a participant by clicking on the 'Questions open' or 'Questions answered' link and then clicking on its login link. Here you see everything as if you were a participant.