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Groups of users

Groups of users
With groups, you can split your account for specific users (e.g., a department). As an administrator you can create a new group under 'Users -> Groups'. Each user can be assigned to an existing group under 'User -> Edit'.
All members of a group can only see events created in this group - events without a group or another group are no longer displayed. If a user has access to an event, he can see all the objects in the event.
The only exception are administrators who can always see all events, tasks and contacts, regardless of which group they belong to.
The group assignment of events, tasks and contacts always takes place automatically when you create them. Administrators can change the group of an element.
Under 'Groups-> Show nil groups', you can decide whether elements without a group are visible to users with group assignment.
Under 'Groups-> Groups valid for', you can decide whether groups are valid for events or also for contacts.